The Graduate Student Senate is entirely funded by a portion of the Student Activity Fee (5.50% in 2019-2020), which is charged to every graduate student’s university account. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the GSS to be good stewards of the graduate student’s money, and spend it only in appropriate and valuable ways to enrich the graduate student experience at UMass Dartmouth.

To see some past events that the GSS has sponsored and hosted, see the Past Events page and our Facebook page.

Per our Bylaws, the GSS must have a full Senate vote before spending money from our account. This vote ensures that every Senator (and therefore every college/school!) is represented in the GSS’s expenditures of graduate student’s money.

Below is a summary of the GSS’s 2019-2020 budget, which we are providing for transparency and reporting purposes. The Student Government Association reports their annual budget similarly here.

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GSS ANNUAL BUDGET, 2019 – 2020


$15,667.11 Rollover from 2018-2019

+ $57,361.00 Total Student Activity Fee allocation received for 2019-2020

= $73,028.11 Total income for 2019-2020


 $35,996.39 Individual Travel Grants

+ $5,555.13 GSS events (Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, Friendsgiving, and Internal Forum)

+ $15,000.00 COVID-19 Relief Funding awards

+ $427.34 Miscellaneous

= $56,978.86 Total expenses for 2019-2020