This week we will be showcasing the work of Alisa Scivetti, a 1L Law Student at UMass Dartmouth Law School and member of the Criminal Law Society. As an Undergraduate, Scivetti completed her undergraduate degree in law, technology, and culture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her BA program offers pre-law studies with an additional focus on the intersection of law, science, and technology. Scivetti also has a minor in science, technology, and society.

She received a certification in collaborative institutional training initiative research and a certification in social, behavioral, and epidemiologic research investigation. Scivetti has also completed multiple research projects including one titled “Juvenile Recidivism and The Role of Social Bond Theory in Conjunction with Criminal Behavior.”


  “The main area of legal focus that I see myself working in is international trade law and corporate compliance law with a focus in pharmaceuticals,” Scivetti says. “Although I have just started to chip away at my law school journey, I also have a passion for entertainment law and I would love to explore that area further.”

Scivetti has worked as a project manager and junior consultant at a private, woman-owned regulatory compliance firm. In this position Scivetti completed internal audits, internal research projects, newsletter formation, and performed data entry. She also worked on the management and tracking functions on import and export process outputs.

 “While operating within this field I was a consultant taught to specialize in regulatory compliance and quality consulting for regulated industries.” Scivetti says. “I completed research and data compilation for projects and initiatives, and event coordination and execution. I also had the  privilege to attend events exploring women in business and women within technology.”

Scivetti also worked as a legal assistant and data analytics specialist for a sports betting company In this role she assisted in legal research and compiling data with a specific focus on sports research and analytics. 

“Aside from the more technologically advanced background I have held,” She says. “I was also a paralegal for two years where I worked closely with the lead attorney at his firm. I helped complete daily research, executed the formation of LLC/LLP’s, assisted in the execution and formation of last will and testaments, assisted and worked as an executor of estates, and assisted with the formation and filing of deeds and titles.”

Scivetti has dreamed of working in the legal field from a young age and has always worked toward this goal. “I can vividly remember that most young girls in the early stages of their lives aspired to be princesses, dancers, or maybe even astronauts.” She says. “I, on the other hand, have always grown up with a fascination with law and order. From as early as I can remember, my goals and aspirations have always centered around law. I always knew law was my plan and never understood where that certainty came from. Growing up, I did not stop to watch cartoons or mindless television, I was intrinsically always tuned into “48 Hour Mystery,” the aggravating case of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, or the unsolved disappearance of Madeleine McCann. While my peers seemed stressed about the rest of their lives, I found strange comfort in knowing I would make a huge difference one day doing something I always loved.”

 For Scivetti her work is also important to breaking down gender stereotypes and barriers. “I am most proud of my work in mostly male dominated technology fields,” she says. “Having come from an undergraduate background that works tirelessly to establish diversity amongst not only its students but also within its offered fields of study. I am proud to say I come from a research based institution that supports its students and helps them achieve success no matter where they are in life and where they plan on going. I would love to be seen as a pioneer in my field one day. I have been able to establish a strong network of connections and would love to combine the field areas of study that I love within the broader world around me. I also have a desire to bridge the gap of law and society with younger generations. Being an older sibling, I wish to establish a better dynamic in younger generations’ understanding of law and policy and the world around them.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Scivetti’s perspective in an important way and caused her to appreciate the present moment more. Like students all over the world, her life and education were turned upside down last year. “Before COVID, I was completely wrapped up in my long-term plans, where I would find a job post-graduation and where my next move would be,” she says. “When the country practically shut down, I felt I had nothing to look forward to anymore. I have since realized that it is most important to cherish and appreciate the opportunities we have in front of us because anything could change in a quick instance.While I would love to say I have extensive long-term goals for myself I have recently changed my perspective in how I view my ife. Following COVID, I have recognized that life is not about planning so far in advance that we lose sight of all the wonderful things that are happening in front of us.” 

Outside of studying law, Scivetti is also a career model. She has been featured in Vogue, New York Fashion Week, Bennetton, and a variety of other publications. She is also working on several television projects now, including co-producing a show for a large network. Scivetti is expected to graduate in May 2023. 

You can follow Alisa on Instagram at @alisascivetti